The Casler Family
(Blackstone, Polly, and Hopkins families)
of Herkimer County, NY

The Casler Farm

Frederick J. Casler was born to Isaac and Mary Ann Stroup Casler in the summer of 1880 on the Casler estate near Millers Mills, New York, Town of Columbia, New York, located on Jordanville Road between Cedarville and Columbia Center.

Frederick's father, Isaac Casler was also born on this homestead, and the farm had been owned and occupied by this Casler familly since 1856.

A deed shows that Frederick J. Casler's grandfather, Jacob F. Casler, bought the farm land from John Miller in March 1856. (A few weeks earlier, John Miller had bought the land from Nicholas and Catherine Schuyler. See this deed.)

Another deed shows that Isaac Casler bought the farm and land in 1894 from his sister (Mary T. Casler Skinner), brother (Frederick Casler), his mother (Gertude Casler) and Ella Casler (probably his sister-in-law--brother Frederick's second wife) Most likely, the siblings and spouse were left shares of the farm by their father, Jacob F. Casler who died in 1893.

Jacob F. Casler built the barn in 1876 (ref.: barn cornerstone), which burned in the early 1990s. It was later rebuilt. The road branching off from Jordanville Road right next to the farmhouse and leading from the Casler estate to Millers Mills was part of the land has been named "Casler Road."

For several generations, the Caslers and their descendants have been members of the Millers Mills Community Baptist Church. Isaac Casler spoke at the Millers Mills Church. And Isaac is buried in the Millers Mills Cemetery as well as his wife, Mary Ann, his father Jacob F. and mother Gertrude, IsaacÕs sister Barbary, and Isaac's grandson Howard Casler who also owned and operated the Casler farm.

The Casler estate was sold to the Jablonski family about 1961 by Eva Davis Casler after the death of her husband Howard Frederick Casler (1958).

Casler Farm
Jordanville Road
between Cedarville and Columbia Center

Jacob J. Casler
(1733-1822 Fort Herkimer Cemetery)

Jacob J. Casler was Jacob F. Casler's (mentioned above) grandfather. He was born in German Flatts, Herkimer County, NY in 1753 and married (Maria) Elizabeth Miller about 1777.

Jacob J. was a private in the Tyron Co. Military and is said to be buried in the Fort Herkimer Cemetery. A plaque with his name on it inside the church.

In his will of 1823, he mentions his wife Elizabeth, his son Frederick (Johan Freiderich), his son Jacob, his daughter Elizabeth (who married Richard I. N. Casler), his daughter Polly (Maria Casler who married James Rinkens), his granddaughter Elisabeth (Jacob's daughter by his first wife-I know very little about her, but by the will, it appears that Elisabeth lived with her grandpaerents, Jacob J. and his wife Elizabeth. rather than with her father and stepmother)

In his will, he leaves his children lot number 13 of Vaughn's Patent as well as his two pews in the Fort Herkimer Church. He also mentions his iron pots (which my Uncle William Casler (Jacob J.'s great-great-great-great grandson) remembers) and his straw beds.

Descended from Johannes Keslaer from Germany 1710

The Blackstone-Polly Family

Frederick J. Casler's wife Sarah Louise Polly was descended from the Blackstones (her mother's name was Eunice Louise Blackstone Polly) whose direct ancestry goes back to Cyllin of Britain, Alfred "The Great" King of England, Henry II 'Plantagenet" King of England, Ivar Jarl of the Uplands of Norway, and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charlemagne.

Sarah Polly Casler was an artist. She painted this 10x10 oil portrait of her pony when she was about 21 years old. It is in a wooden frame (not shown) made by her father, Edwin Ralph Polly. I grew up with this portrait in our house.

Frederick and Sarah Louise Polly Casler

The Hopkins General Store
Cedarville, NY

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Casler, Frederick's 1st cousin and her husband Charles Daniel Hopkins ran the Hopkins General Store in Cedarville, New York (at the foot of the hill from the Casler Estate) until sometime in the 1950's when she retired and sold the store. Charles Hopkins had a farm just outside of Cedarville, New York as well as the general store in Cedarville, New York. The farm was later sold by his son Harry Frederick Hopkins about 1964.

The Hopkins Store
scanned from "Litchfield Through the Years"

Lizzie Hopkins' House
Cedarville, NY