Fairview Cemetery
ff Hurricane Road, Norway, Herkimer County, NY
Francies Coffin Davis
Frances Davis
38 years
Please email me if you know how any of these Davis, Coffins, and Bates are related.
At the Herkimer County Historical Society, I found out that Elmarian's name was did not begin with an A as I had thought (Almarion). And I found him and his wife Frances Coffin.
I did find several other Davises who I do not know how are related. Most of them had strange names like Elmarian.
I do not know much of anything about Frances except that her maiden name was Coffin. Given the many Coffins buried in this cemetery, some of them must be her relatives.
Possible siblings of Elmarian Davis:
Romain Davis 1854-1926
Franklin Davis 1853-1930
L.A. Davis 1856-1937
I thought that Herkimer County Historical Society told us that Phoebe Thomas was buried in Fairvew. We looked and looked and didn't see a trace of her. The next day, I found out there was ANOTHER cemetery called Fairview near Lttle Falls.



Partial Reading, May 2001

Elmarian Davis 1846-1891
Frances Davis 1848-1886

Clifford M. Davis 1912-1915

Romain Davis 1854-1926
Anna Rutten his wife 1852-1919

Leah dau of WR and MC Davis 1902-1902

Florence dau of HW and BM Davis 1918-1920

Myrtle infant dau of Adelbert and Melissa Davis aged 14 days
Adelbert Davis 1874-1950
Melissa C. his wife 1880-1924

Freddy son of Albert Davis 1889-1891

Franklin Davis1853-1930
Mary Fretenbridge his wife 1864-1925

Martha Davis Wheeler 18??-1947

L.A. Davis 1856-1937
Lizzie Basset his wife 1856-1889 Addie V. his wife 1857-1949

Piv Irving Davis WWI 1888-1941

Nellie I. Bates Dec 28, 1863-May 6, 1939

Fred K. Bates Feb 15, 1868-June 19, 1940

Ira W. Coffin 1885-1953father
Jennie E. Coffin 1884-1978 mother
Floyd H son of Ira and Jennie Coffin 1907-1926
Reginald I. Son of Ira and Jennie Coffin 1906-1961
Nettie I. Warner Coffin 1907-1986 wife of Reginald Randolph R. 1910- 1954
and Mildred I. Coffin 1914-
Leo W. 1898-1972 and Myrtle E. Coffin 1902-1968

Twin Coffin Babies 1947

Romain and Annia Davis
Romain Davis
72 years
Annia Ruttan Davis
67 years

Elmarian Davis
Elmarian Davis
45 years
Florence Davis
Florence Davis
2 years
Floyd Coffin
Floyd H. Coffin
19 years
Franklin and Mary Davis
Franklin Davis
77 years
Mary Fretenburgh
43 years
Ira Coffin
Ira W. Coffin
68 years

L.A. Davis
81 years
Lizzie Bassett Davis
33 years
Addie V. Davis
91 years
Jennie Coffin
Jennie E. Coffin
94 years
Irving Davis
Irving Davis
53 years
Freddy Davis
Freddy Davis
2 years
Martha Davis Wheeler
Martha Davis Wheeler
Leah Davis
Leah Davis
Leo and Myrtle Coffin
Leo W. Coffin
74 years
Myrtle E. Coffin
66 years

Nellie I. Bates
76 years

Myrtle Davis
14 days

Reginald Coffin
Reginald I. Coffin
55 years

Nettie I. Warner Coffin
79 years
Twin Coffin Babies
Twin Coffin Babies
Aldebert and Melissa Davis
Adelbert Davis
76 years
Melissa D. Davis
44 years
Randolph and Mildred Coffin
Randolph R. Coffin
44 years
Mildred I. Coffin