Hazelton Farm Cemetery
off Stroup Road, Cedarville, Herkimer County, NY

Although I found no apparent ancestors in this cemetery, it is probably the most intriguing of all the cemeteries I visited during my trip back home. My husband and I kept finding more and more stone that had fallen and been covered with leaves. He drew a map of the cemetery and took a photograph of each stone. The Hazelton's were buried within a small patch surrounded by an iron gate. Interestingly, a newer stone had been placed among all the older ones.*
Full? reading May 2001

GOLDEN, Elizabeth d. Sept. 22, 1834ae 81 yr 4 mo
GOLDEN, Daniel d. Sept. 2, 1826ae 87 yr
Samuel Golden d. Sept 23, 1827
LORD, Samuel d. Aug. 16, 1829ae 58 yr
PECK, Mary d. Sept. 23, 1822 ae 17 yr 10 mo 7 da daughter of Ira and Lydia Peck
PITTS, David d. March 3, 1840 ae 65 yr
PITTS, two children ae 5 yr and 1 yrchildren of David and Mary Pitts PURCHASE, Thomas d. June 24, 1851 ae 84 yr
PURCHASE, Amy d. June 3, 1851ae 65 yr
SMITH, Otis d. Nov. 13, 1835ae 62 yr
SMITH, Mary wife of Otis Smith b. Feb. 22, 1779 d. Apr. 20, 1853
THOMAS, Jamesno dates THOMAS, Hannahno dates
Van VALKENBERG, Hannahd. July 22, 1842ae 34yrwife of Peter Van Valkenberg
WILCOX, Mary A. d. Aug. 12, 1838 ae 12 yrdaughter of Elder Nathan and Maria Wilcox Jane TRUESDAIL wife of ? TRUESDAIL d. Aug 1791 aged 33 years
Nancy Elizabeth FOX, daughter of James and Polly Fox d. Aug 1, 1825 age 1 mo. 29 days
*Millard LindseyHARRIS May 8, 1890-Feb 1, 1991
Elder Daniel MILLS d. April 1, 1863 Thomas and Caroline PURCH
Anna WALDRON d. May 26, 1850 Et. 7
Children of David and Mary POLLY, Lewis d Sept 7, 1813, Anna d. Nov 5, 18??
Ezra PERRY d. Oct 10, 1794 E. 38 yrs, 6 mo.
Mijamin T. JOHNSON d. Feb 21, 1804 aged 5 yrs.
Amy D. HAZELTON born Ot 28, 1848 died March 17, 1890
Sidney HAZELTON born June 4, 1819 died March 31, 1890
Caroline wife of S. HAZELTON born June 16, 1817 died Feb 9, 1890