The Hulsavers
of Canajoharie, NY

(and descendents Thomas, Davis, Casler, McDonald, Stauring, Seeds, )

Please see mystery photos for family group shots of Hulsaver descendants

Henry Hulsaver was born to Pheby Davis and Stephen Hulsaver on July 6, 1810 in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York. (Ref. Protestant Dutch Reformed Church, Mapleton, transcription on record at the Fonda, NY history and records) Henry married Catherine Cain who was born about 1812 (perhaps in New Jersey?). The Hulsavers were most likely boat people living and working on the Erie Canal and waterways, maybe fish mongers. Henry and Catherine are buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery. After Catherine died in 1863, Henry married Sophrona Brown Hutchings. Sophrona had children William and Ruah from her first marriage. I have seen Hulsaver spelled as: Holsaver, Hulshaver, Halsaver, Hultsaver. Hultzhaver, etc... I do not know its origin.Catherine and Henry had eight children:

1. Stephen HULSAVER (born about 1832) who married Jane (born about 1831 in Ireland). Stephen and Jane had Phebe A. (born about 1860-probably named after her grandmother Pheby), Stephen G. (born about 1862-probably named after his grandfather, Stephen), James and a child who died as an infant. Other children may include Jane, Lafayette, and Mary M.

2. John HULSAVER who was born about 1834.

3. Henry HULSAVER (probably named after his father Henry) born about 1934 (died about 1972). Henry married Mary Douglas (died about 1874). Katherine (born November 25, 1865) was Henry and Mary's daughter. Katherine is said to have been born in New Brunswick on a canal boat. Other children by Mary and Henry include William, John, and Leander. Katherine married Frank R. Adams in 1882. Katherine and Frank had Edna, Ethel, Leia, Ralph, L. Douglas, Isaac, and Cora. Katherine later married William H. Benedict.

4. Mary HULSAVER (born about 1836) married George Thomas. Their child, Margaret was born January 6, 1863. She later married Thomas Fleming.

5. Eliza P. HULSAVER born about 1842.

6. Elsea M. Hulsaver born about 1846.

7. Hannah G. HULSAVER born about 1850. (Perhaps she married a Helmer-her niece Phoebe Elizabeth's (daughter of Hannah's sister, Phoebe) wedding announcement mentions an Aunt Hannah Helmer.)

8. Phoebe Ann HULSAVER born November 25, 1840 in Canajoharie, NY. Phoebe married William H. Thomas (parents unknown. William may have been born in Albany, NY) Phoebe and William are burried in Fairview Cemetery in Little Falls. Phoebe and William Thomas' children include:

a. Mary (born September 30, 1857) married Jacob H. Stauring. Both are buried in Fairview Cemetery in Little Falls next to Phoebe and William Thomas. Their children were Victor, Amelia, Aurthur, Ellis, Lela.

b. William H. II (born July 1860) His wife Olive (born 1861) had Oliver, Charles, Earl, Bessie, Vernon and William III. Later married Eliza. Their children were John and Lulu.

c. Charles E. (born May 30, 1862) married Sarah King in Rome, NY 1887.

d. Jane A. (born 1865) married Charles McDonald (born 1853). Both are buried in Fairview Cemetery in Little Falls with their son Lester D. (born August 14, 1899). Their daughters' names were Genevive, Margaret, and Anna May.

e. Phoebe Elizabeth (born April 14, 1870) married Arthur Lafayette Tibbits on August 13,1887 (double ceremony as Phoebe's brother Charles and Sarah King). Phoebe and Aurthur's children were: Ethel, Mabel (married Leslie Hadcock), Clarence (married Arlene Van Alstine), and Burton (married Elizabeth Robinson).

For a detailed information on the Tibbits family, see Don Tibbit's genealogy site.

f. George (born 1872) married Leda. Children were Harold, Leda, George Jr,

g. Margaret (Maggie) (born 1873) married Charles Seeds. Children were Gertrude (married Claude Miller) and Bertha (married Robert Dibble)

h. John (born 1876)

i. Bertha Cornelia (born July 14, 1878) married Burton Edwin Davis (born May 8, 1876 in or near Cold Brook, NY.). Burton Davis was the son of Elmarian and Frances (Coffin) Davis. Burton and Bertha Davis were married on June 22, 1898 in Lillte Falls, NY.
Burton and Bertha's first child, a son named Harry B. died when only a few weeks old in 1906. A daughter was born about a year later and another daughter was born 10 years later. Burton, Bertha, and Harry B. are buried in Armory Hill Cemetery in Ilion, NY.

Hulsavers in the Census

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Mystery HULSAVERS (most likely cousins of Henry Hulsavers family--not confirmed) include the following: (Please contact me if you know how these Hulsavers are related to my HULSAVERS)

Christopher Hulsaver -born in Ireland 1812-died 1882-buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, NY
Christoher's wife Catherine Hulsaver born in Ireland 1819-died 1893-buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, NY
Christopher and Catherine's children?;
1. Josephine
-born 1855-buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, NY
2. Peter Hulsaver -1847-19 -buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, NY
3. Mary C. Hulsaver -born in Ireland-1855-1926-buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, NY-married Frank Keneipp?
4. Daniel H. Hulsaver -born in Ireland
5. Sarah A. Hulsaver-born 1840-married Elisha Goodrich
6. Christopher Hulsaver -1845-1886
7. Caroline Hulsaver -born about 1850-married Ambrose E(A)mbridge 1865
8. Ella Hulsaver-
9. Melissa Hulsaver -married George P. Garlock
10. Rosselin Hulsaver

Hulsavers in the Census

More mystery Hulsavers:

Edward Hulsaver -buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, NY

Mary Hulsaver -born 1868 (Stephen and Jane's child?)

Stella and Charles Hulsaver -buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Canajoharie, NY

Hulsavers in the Census

Notes from visit to Fonda Archives:

29.9 Town of Root
A marriage occured in the house of Mrs. Hulsaver: Menzo Dingman and Margaret A. Flint, March 31, 1879
Dutch Reformed Church Records
Christopher Hulsaver baptized as an adult December 26, 1885
Dutch Reformed Church
Mrs. Mary C. Hulsaver received March 1918
Charles H. Hulsaver ae26 married Estella May Vanderpool ae18 April 6, 1907
Dutch Reformed Cemetery Records
Josephine Hulsaver died at 9 months October 27, 1909
Josephine Hulsaver died May 30, 1872 ae 17 years
Alonzo Darrow married Lizzie Hulsaver of Currytown, March 6, 1879
George B. Fuller married Effie J. Hulsaver on September 6, 1882
Chris Hulsaver died May 4, 1886 ea 41 years
Chris Hulsaver died March 18, 1887 ae 75 years
Lutheran Church
Charles Henry was born November 7, 1899 to John O'Neill and Catherine Hulsaver
William Michael H. born December 12, 1900 to John O'Neill and Catherine Hulsaver
St. Peter St. Paul Cemetery, Canajoharie
Peter Hulsaver died December 28, 1912

John L. Mahanna married Melinda Hulsaver December 17, 1868


Now, census time:
thanks to Don Tibbits

1840 Census. Mayfield, Fulton County

Christopher Halsaver with 5 in the house     
Henry Halsaver with 7 in house      
Could be Christopher Hulsaver who was born in 1812 with:
wife Catherine, children: Daniel, Mary?, Sarah?
Could be Henry Hulsaver who was born in 1810 (in Canajoharie!) with:
wife Catherine, and children: Stephen, John, Mary C., Henry, and Phebe.

1850 Census Canajoharie, Montgomery County

  age born est. birth  
Hulshaver Henry 39 NY 1811  
  Catherine 38 NY 1812  
  Stephen 18 NY 1832  
  John 16 NY 1834  
  Mary C. 14 NY 1836  
  Henry 12 NY 1838  
  Phebe 10 NY 1840  
  Eliza 7 NY 1843  
  Elsea 4 NY 1846  
  Hannah 9/12 NY 1849  
Hulshaver Christopher   Ireland    
  Catherine 32 Ireland 1818  
  Daniel H. 16 Ireland 1834  
  Sarah A.   NY    
  Christopher 6 NY 1844  
  Peter 4 NY 1846  
  Caroline 2 NY 1848  

1870 Census Canajoharie, Montgomery County

    age born


Hulsaver Dora  22 foreign-born 1848  
Hulsaver Stephen  38   1832  
  June (Jane?)  31 Ireland 1839  
  Phebe A.  10   1860  
  Stephen G. 8   1862  
  June  4   1866  
  Lafayette  2   1868  
  Mary M.  9/12   1869  
Hulsaver Chris  56 NY 1814  
  Catherine  50 NY 1820  
  Josephine  15 NY 1855  
  Peter  24 NY 1846  
  Mary  1 NY 1869  

1870 Census Root, Montgomery County

   age born est
Hulshaver Henry   28   1842  
Hulsaver Martin  50 Prussia 1820  
  Dora  50 Prussia 1820  


30 Prussia 1850  
  Martha E. 33 Prussia 1837  
  Ann E.  6 Prussia 1864  
  Dora  3 NY 1867  
Hulsaver Henry  60 NY 1810  
  Lap???  45 NY 1825  

Ebbe J.

4 NY 1866  

1870 Census Elma, Erie County

Hulshaver   age born est birth  
  Peter  29   1840  
  Sophia  26   1844  
  Joseph  4   1866  
  William  2   1868  
  Elizabeth 1   1869  

1870 Census Carlisle Schoharie County

   age born est
Hulshaver John  36   1834  
  Nancy  50   1820  
Others in house          


Henry and Catherine hulsaver
Henry and Catherine Hulsaver
Prospect Hill Cemetery

Phoebe Hulsaver Thomas
Phebe Hulsaver Thomas

Phebe Hulsaver Thomas
Phebe Hulsaver Thomas
"Bertha Davis' mother taken before I was born name Phebe Hulsaver Thomas"