caser-wellenstein genealogy

In May of 2001, I made a trip home to Upstate NY to do some genealogy research. The most I hoped to find was the gravesite of Phebe, my great-great-grandmother.

I have been the most diligent in researching this Phebe's family, the Hulsavers. The Hulsavers continue to remain obscure, but on my trip back home, on the second to the last day there, I finally found Phebe's gravesite. Then on our last day in NYS, I found the most beautiful gravestone of Phebe's parents, Henry and Catherine Hulsaver.

We traveled to Fonda on one day during the week to do some research on the Hulsavers of Canajoharie. I only wish I had a few more days in the Fonda research room! It is an amazing resource. I know now that Catherine's maiden name was Kane (Cane) and a Pheby Davis Hulsaver and Stephan Hulsaver had their son, Henry (Ref. Protestant Dutch Reformed Church, Mapleton, transcription on record at the Fonda, NY history and records). This Henry must have been great-great-grandmother Phebe's father.

Other ancestors I attempted to research are Davis, Thomas, and Coffin. (Elmarion Davis, William H. Thomas, and Frances Coffin are the oldest ancestors I know of so far in these lines.)

Due to the commonality of these names, I did not discover anything new except for dates for the ancestors I already knew about.

There are some mystery photos containing family members and friends we can't identify. Please let me know if you have any clues. These families may include Coffin, Stauring, Thomas, Seeds, Pratt, Metz, Matchler, Miles, Dotzer, Back.

We also documented the Hazelton Farm Cemetery and the Helmer Family Cemetery. I do not have any relatives buried in these cemeteries, but both are overgrown family cemeteries which were very photogenic.

Grace W. Brown's compilation of family histories (1977) were valuable resources in detailing the Wellenstein, Rice, Beckwith, and Chadwick lines.

Burton and Bertha Davis          and Bertha Cornelia Thomas Davis</font>
Burton and Bertha Cornelia Thomas Davis