Millers Mills Church Cemetery
Herkimer County, NY
Millers Mills Church

On the week of May 21, 2001, I made a trip back to my hometown to do some genealogy research. I am a descendant of Isaac Casler who is buried in the "old" section of Millers Mills Cemetery.
As a child, I used to play in this cemetery after Sunday School. Every Sunday through my high school years, I played the organ at the church. However, this week was the first time I took a really good look at the names on the gravestones.
The "old" cemetery inscriptions is online at
While my husband drove to my aunt's house to get some more film for his camera, I transcribed the inscriptions from the "new" cemetery. We also managed to get some photos before a downpour drove us away.
The cemetery is located next to the Millers Mills Community Baptist Church on Millers Mills Road.
Here is the result. Please email me with any corrections:

Rev. John Elliot Wesley 1891-1967

Grace Young 1887-1961

Harley E. Beckstead 1909-1959
Winifred E. 1912-1967

Rugiero Buttignol Jan. 7, 1926-Aug. 9, 1994

Theodore Teletnick 1929-1994

Douglas V. Dye Sr. Feb. 24, 1930-July 29, 1999

Jon Arthur Huxtable 1953-1983

Michael Paul Kidder July 19-Aug.20 1976

James F. Huxtable 1915-1999

Michael A. Phalon 1953-1976

Edward Grant MacKensie 1927-1982
Margaret R. 1933-1988
Peter 1898-1966

Charles W. Bloomfield 1912-1996

Clyde J. Miller 1891-1968
Etha Gyer (his wf) 1891-1958

Stanley J. Damulis 1916-1974
Marion W. 1918-1989

Edwin T. Loomis 1917-2000

Charles L. Latt 1923-1985

Richard Edward Bowering Mar. 22, 1940-May 26, 1999
m. Aug. 26, 1961

Edwin T. Bowering 1882-1963
wf Esther S. Bowering 1885-1955

Arthur C. Stoetzner 1937-1954

George A. Gage 1883-1940
wf. Carrie Stroup 1882-1939

Herman L. Knight 1856-1931

Jay W. Pullock 1868-1931

William H. Finger 1834-1920

Margaret Hughes his wife 1842-1927
George R. Hughes 1847-1925

Florence Stoltz 1920-1956

Bertha G. Miller 1878-1956
Ulysses A. Miller 1868-1951
Clark A. Miller 1903-1939

Victoria E. Young 1853-1936
Samuel C. Young 1853-1930

Howard F. Casler 1913-1958
(picture of my grandfather taken when he was a Sunday school student)

Marjorie E. Treen January 8, 1972-January 7, 1991

Burl C. Stoltz 1912-1981

Clarence Gay 1891-1933
Raymond E. Gay 1918-1941
Ernest M. Gay 1925-1999
Earl R. Gay 1901-1964
Mildred C. Gay 1908-1996

Robert L. Gay 1907-1967
wf. Dorothy Fox 1913-1980

Floyd M. Gay 1872-1948
wf. Emma McKenzie 1883-1924

David R. Wood 1939-1973

Louise G. Beach 1930-2000
Charles H. Beach 1931-1999

Fred W. Miller 1909-1978
Dorothy B. 1910-1986

Eunice F. Knapp 1912-1991

F. Wendell 1902-1981

Dorothy Wood 1913-1984

Fredric "Fred" J. King age 63 Sept. 14, 1935-October 23, 1998

Norma V. Eldred 1922-1978
Albert H. Eldred 1910-1987

Walter A. Horn 1898-1968
Charles D. Horn 1903-1967

Joshua Lawrence Brunette 1990-1994

Schuyler J. Snyder Jan 25, 1907-Oct 12, 1981

Ann Jones 1909-1985

John H. Snyder 1844-1936
Elizabeth M. 1856-1925

Millers Mills Church cornerstone
Cornerstone of chuch. Inside is a time-capsule that our Sunday school class added in 1981.
Isaac and Mary Ann Casler
My great-great grandparents' stone in the old section.