The Thomas Family
William H. Thomas family of Little Falls, NY

William H. Thomas was born December 1835 in Albany, NY. He married Phoebe Ann Hulsaver born to Henry and Catherine (Cain) Hulsaver of Canajoharie, Montgomery County, NY.

William and Phoebe lived in Little Falls for most of their lives. Both are buried in the Fairview Cemetery just north of Little Falls, NY

William..."lived to be nearly 100, and I used to hear stories about him. He owned a Soap factory along the Mohawk River, near Little Falls. It burned down and in those days people didn't have insurance, so he started a fruit peddling business along the Mohawk River. He would go to Albany to the wholesaler and buy fruit, and then travel back to Little Falls and sell his fruit along the way and sell the rest back in Little Falls.." Harry J. Casler


Mary Thomas September 30, 1857 married STAURING
William H. Thomas II July 1860
Charles E. Thomas May 30, 1862 married KING obituary
Jane A. Thomas 1865 McDonald
Phoebe Elizabeth Thomas April 14, 1870 married TIBBITS
George Thomas 1872
Margaret (Maggie) Eliza Thomas 1873 married SEEDS
John Thomas 1876
Bertha Cornelia Thomas b. July 14, 1878 married DAVIS

Burton and Bertha Davis
Burton and Bertha Thomas Davis

Burton and Bertha Davis
Bertha and Burton Davis
50th Wedding Anniversary

Phebe Hulsaver Thomas
Phebe Hulsaver Thomas
"Bertha Davis' mother taken before I was born name Phebe Hulsaver Thomas"
Phebe Hulsaver Thomas
Phoebe Hulsaver Thomas

Jane Thomas McDonald Children
Children of Jane A. Thomas McDonald
"Sister Jane MacDonald Family Margaret, Genevive and Anna May, Lester"
Jane Thomas McDonald Children
Bertha and Burton Davis and friends
"Frank Back
Mr. Dotzer
Mrs. E.D. Davis
Burt Davis
Mrs. Cora Back
Mrs. Dotzer
Bertha Davis"

Probably written on postcard by Bertha Thomas Davis
Bertha and Burton Davis and friends

Burton Davis and daughter
Burton Davis and daughter, Eva
Bertha and Phoebe Thomas Tibbits
Bertha Thomas Davis
Phoebe Thomas Tibbits

Burton and Bertha Davis houseBertha and Burton's home in Ilion

At the Matchlers'
The Davis family at the Matchlers' home
Dolgeville, NY?